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Post by Lillian on Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:43 pm

Hi. You are most welcome to leave a comment on this message board, I would ask that it is honest and informative. I welcome any reborn doll materials suppliers to leave their details, as reborn artists (me included) are always willing to look around and see what is available. We have less on offer in suppliers in the UK than the USA, so more suppliers of doll kits in UK would be nice from my point of view ! Mohair is something that would be great too.

Reborn Artists

Please do not use this message board to advertise your services, I would rather you join our group, where you will have freedom to put pictures in a gallery for everyone to see.
It takes no time at all to join, and is FREE.

Thank you

Administrator & Founder of 'Artists Of Integrity Group'

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